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Hi   Welcome to  My name is Jerry Schaber. I started hunting for Kentucky agates in 1994.   I I started to wonder what other types of agates that can be found around the world. The internet has made it possible to look at  other varieties, so it help me to decide it would be a nice adventure to find an agate Eldorado somewhere .    Some nice and interesting pieces have been found. You can see in the links.   Some are big and some are small, some are polished and some rough cut.  The really bigs ones are much better than the photo can tell.   Agates tell a story about how the Earth has grown from volcanic eruptions, and how sea life began hundreds of millions of years ago.
  There are many fine agate specimens for sale on this website that could add to your collection.
  Please email me with any questions. If you would like to see other pictures email me. Here is a chance to get a piece of mother earth from where you are not at and never will be so giving a sense of adventure and amazement .
And for all you out there that like the thrill of finding a agate and then cutting it, hopefully a beautiful piece, i salute you ! :o)  I am fortunate to live where a walk in natures finest wilderness  gives you a chance to find these amazing stones. And  i have learned and visited other wild places where agates can be found. And a few nice pieces at that.
If you have agates for sale please contact me.  Im in the market for any new or different banded agate rough or finished. Sale or trade.
  Paypal or checks-money orders is the preferred payment method.
  All agate are satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.  excluding shipping of course.
  Peace on Earth to you all !
  Happy agate hunting from  :o)
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